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Complete Wiring Solutions

Experience the world of lightning connectivity and brilliance with Dawson Hollow Electric Inc's complete wiring solutions. With over 30 years of experience, we have successfully wired many residential and commercial properties, changing old sockets into fully functional and aesthetically pleasing circuits. We use premium cables and high-quality sockets, from installing or replacing light fixtures, receptacles, and switches with precision to implementing inclusive property wiring. Did you know? On average, we've installed over 500 light fixtures, creating customized lighting solutions that enhance the ambiance of homes and businesses.

Panel Replacements and Service Upgrades

Upgrade your electrical system with Dawson Hollow Electric Inc's panel replacements and service upgrades and fulfill your future electrical demands. Our experienced team specializes in increasing panel size for more circuits and upgrading to a 200 amp service, ensuring your property is equipped to handle the advanced electrical circuits. Fun fact: We've successfully finished over 100-panel replacements, providing clients with enhanced capacity and a modern and reliable electrical infrastructure.

Generator and Generlink Installations

Be prepared for the unexpected with our expert generator and Generlink installations. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the importance of reliable power, especially during unforeseen outages. Our team has successfully installed generators for residential and commercial clients, offering uninterrupted power supply. The Process For Installing A Home Backup Generator Installing a home backup generator is a seamless process with Dawson Hollow Electric Inc. Here's what's involved in our installation process:
> Site Preparation
> Generator Placement
> Fuel Line Installation
> Transfer Switch Setup
> Electrical Connections
> System Check